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The EMB Standards Committee (EMB-SC) is a standing Committee within the EMB Society and recommends standards of engineering practices

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IEEE EMBS Most Impactful Paper Certificate
IEEE EMBS Most Impactful Paper Certificate
Call for Participation: IEEE P2792 WG

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) invites you to participate in the working group for IEEE P2792™ – Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation Waveforms. WHY GET INVOLVED      This standard provides guidelines and definitions of therapeutic neurostimulation waveforms for development engineers and health care professionals.  This standard provides guidelines for waveform definition used in therapeutic stimulation of neural structures, leading to […]

Neurotechnologies for Brain-Machine Interface Standards Roadmap Now Available for Public Comments!

This roadmap provides an overview of the existing and developing standards in the field of neurotechnologies for brain-machine interfacing. The focus is on systems that provide a closed-loop interaction with artificial devices based on information extracted from measurements of activity in the nervous system. The document also includes recommendations on the priorities for standardization. Please download the standards roadmap […]


1847-2019 – IEEE Recommended Practice for Common Framework of Location Services for Healthcare Buy this standard


1708a-2019 – IEEE Standard for Wearable, Cuffless Blood Pressure Measuring Devices – Amendment 1 Buy this Standard Standard DetailsClarifying and furthering the subject selection of the sample size in the clinical study; looking into the results of the validation study with respect to the patient’s body position and activity level for their applicability to ambulatory […]

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Sharing Analytics: Developing A Standard To Employ High Impact Analytics Without Stressing Networks

Since the recent outbreak of COVID-19, clinical researchers, drug manufacturers, economists, social scientists, and other experts have sought access to data for analytics. Much of the data resides in disparate networks and within organizational boundaries. It takes considerable time and effort to obtain permission to acquire this data, to gain authorization from ethics committees or institutional review boards (IRBs) to use it, and to transfer it across overstressed networks. Most researchers would prefer to spend the precious time consumed by these rather tedious tasks on analysis. A more efficient approach would be to have a directory that says what data is where and what it contains, and then develop analytics to leverage the data in a way that preserves privacy and minimizes latency. Read More

IEEE Standards for Responding to Global COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

IEEE is providing no-cost public access to important IEEE standards, used by technologists, engineers, scientists, manufacturers, as they respond to the global COVID-19 public health emergency. Click “Access Standards” to access and download a PDF of the standards relevant to the global health pandemic.  Several of the standards were developed by the EMB Standards Committee Working Groups. See EMB Published Standards

For more information, visit this link.

COVID-19 and Beyond: New IEEE 2791-2020 Standard Uses Bioinformatics to Speed Drug Development

Beyond Standards is dedicated to promoting technology standards and celebrating the contributions of the individuals and organizations across the globe who drive technology development. Beyond Standards is brought to you by the IEEE Standards Association, a leading consensus building organization within IEEE that nurtures, develops and advances global technologies. IEEE standards drive the functionality, capabilities and interoperability of a wide range of products and services that transform the way people live, work and communicate. With collaborative thought leaders in more than 160 countries, we promote innovation, enable the creation and expansion of international markets and help protect health and public safety. Read more

Electronic Submissions; Data Standards; Support for the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Bioinformatics Computations and Analyses Standard for Bioinformatic Workflows

About the Standards Committee

The EMB Standards Committee (EMB-SC), also known as EMB/StdsCom, is a standing Committee within the EMB Society and recommends standards of engineering practices to be followed in the field of Engineering in Medicine and Biology by the electrical, electronic, and allied industries, and by health care providers. In relevant areas this Committee shall coordinate its activities with the IEEE Standards Board and other appropriate standards committees.

This Committee is responsible for the development and coordination of standards projects, including their maintenance after their approval as standards by the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board (IEEE-SASB) for which EMB-SC has been identified or assigned as either the sole technical sponsor or the primary sponsor to oversee its standards Working Groups. (An IEEE-SA Sponsor is not a financial sponsor.) The scope and activities of the Committee shall conform to the operations and principles of the IEEE, IEEE-SA, and IEEE EMBS.

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