September/October 2017

Cover Story September/October 2017
Grappling with the Health Consequences of Floods
Above, Figure 1: 2. Seth Pedersen, a graduate student from Rice University, wades into a flooded street to collect water samples after Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston, TX. Photo Credit: Ya He. In early September 2017, when the rains from Hurricane Harvey finally... Read more
Feature September/October 2017
Awards Presented for Innovative Pediatric Medical Devices
Six companies presenting innovative medical device solutions that address significant unmet needs in pediatric health were awarded a total of US$250,000 in grant money in San Jose, Calif. at the Fifth Annual Pediatric Device Innovation Symposium, organized by the Sheikh Zayed... Read more
Society News September/October 2017
Our Next Generation's Reflections of EMBC'17
EMBC is the annual flagship conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. EMBC’17 was held from 11-15 July on the gorgeous Jeju Island of South Korea. The conference attracted around 2,802 participants representing 64 countries. More than... Read more
Feature September/October 2017
Cross-Disciplinary Medical Advances with Neuroengineering
Neuroengineering brings tools and techniques from the engineering fields into neuroscience to create new approaches for investigating the central nervous system (CNS). This fusion of disciplines is advancing our knowledge of how the CNS works and how we can enhance... Read more
Feature September/October 2017
On the Verge of Neuro-Motion
Chad Bouton, director of the Center for Bioelectronic Medicine and vice president of advanced engineering at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, which serves as the research arm of one of the largest health systems in the United States, has... Read more
Feature September/October 2017
Reading Minds
When you see or think about an object, your brain engages in a unique pattern of activity tied specifically to that object. That’s how you know a cat is a cat, and not a dog or a house or a... Read more
Feature September/October 2017
Moving Objects with Your Mind
The best ideas are often simple in nature, though complex in detail, and great in potential. The stentrode is a perfect example, combining the familiar off-the-shelf technologies of a stent and an electrode. When situated in the brain, a stentrode... Read more
State of the Art September/October 2017
Exciting Times
What an exciting time to be a bio-based engineer! Biology is the new frontier of technological progress, and it is difficult to fathom how much is going on. Bioengineers, biomedical engineers, biological engineers, and a host of other engineers (whether... Read more
Feature September/October 2017
Roach Biobots
Imagine a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, causing residential buildings to collapse and trapping the people in- side underneath the rubble. Over the following days, first responders spend a significant amount of time locating survivors. Despite having the assistance... Read more
Retrospectroscope September/October 2017
Three Outstanding Women in Science
Women’s rights are human rights. —Feminist slogan famously quoted by Hillary Clinton during the 1995 United Nations World Conference on Women Since the very beginning, humankind has been male dominated, often violent and cruel in the extreme. Over the centuries, things have... Read more
Feature September/October 2017
From Brain to Body
Paralysis, whether caused by spinal cord injury, neurodegenerative disease, or other factors, poses a host of issues for patients. These include not just the inability to move parts of their bodies but potential problems with communication and bladder control as... Read more
Feature September/October 2017
Digital Magnifying Glasses for Low-Vision Learners
A student squinting to see the board or holding a textbook inches from his or her nose often provides the first indication of a visual impairment. For most, the cause is a refractive error, readily correctible with eyeglasses. However, for an... Read more
Feature September/October 2017
Realizing a Clearer View
In March 2017, Dr. Marc Tewfik performed a delicate operation to remove cancerous tissue from a patient’s sinus cavity, something that he has done many times before at the McGill University Health Center (MUHC) in Montréal, Canada. But this time,... Read more
Feature September/October 2017
Fertile Ground
At the age of 14, Linda Griffith experienced such abnormally painful periods that her doctor had already put her on birth control pills. They helped but only a little. In graduate school, a boyfriend convinced her to go off the... Read more
Senior Design September/October 2017
Tradeoffs in Capstone Design Courses Involving More Than One Discipline
According to a 2015 survey, 5% of capstone design course instructors indicated that their courses involve students from more than one engineering discipline [1]. Students in these courses may hear presentations on topics of common interest and work together on... Read more
Book Reviews September/October 2017
Practicing Medicine in Three Dimensions
3D Printing in Medicine Edited by Deepak M. Kalaskar, Elsevier Press, 2017. ISBN 978-0-08-100717-4, ix + 226 pages, US$215. This heavily referenced text is a recommended read for anyone wishing to get up to speed in the area of three-dimensional (3-D) (also... Read more