Looking Ahead to IEEE EMBS Pulse 2024

Looking Ahead to IEEE EMBS Pulse 2024 150 150 IEEE Pulse

Dear readers of Pulse magazine,

I am thrilled to be the incoming Editor-in-Chief of Pulse. I have spent over three decades developing lifesaving medical technologies in a career that reminded me every day of how important our work is for patients and clinicians around the world. We all have seen friends or family benefitting immensely from some new med tech advance—and even if you did not personally contribute to that innovation, you can take pride in being part of the community that works to improve human health by applying engineering and science.

It’s this appreciation for our field, and what it does for patients, that I will bring to this magazine. I’m very excited about the opportunities before us.

We want every edition of Pulse to bring this excitement to life and give you new insights into advances in the field that spotlight both the technical breadth and the span of clinical impact we enable with our innovative work. Over the next year, we will feature the work of scientists, engineers, and clinicians from academic and commercial perspectives in light of this effort. We will also put a spotlight on recent EMBS meetings and congresses, and share the experiences of EMBS professionals at different points in their career journeys, from undergraduate senior projects through industry and academic leadership.

While the topics covered will vary, the underlying mission and goals share a purpose centered around improving clinical outcomes for everyone.

If you have ideas or suggestions for Pulse, I would love to hear from you! No one has a monopoly on good ideas, and nothing will make Pulse stronger than the insights of readers and the EMBS community.

With best regards,

Mike Hess,

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