Crafting the Future – Opportunities for Students by the Reinvigorated IEEE EMBS Student Activities Committee

Crafting the Future – Opportunities for Students by the Reinvigorated IEEE EMBS Student Activities Committee 150 150 IEEE Pulse

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”—Bill Gates

Since its inception, a key mission for the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) has been to support the development of students interested in the application of engineering to medicine and biology. Through its related efforts, EMBS hopes to nurture and encourage the continued growth of this vital field of engineering. Over the years, over 300 EMBS student chapters and clubs have been formed around the world. These are driven by passionate individuals, united under the common vision of using technology to enhance the well-being and alleviate the sufferings of the human race, and have each made an impact on their local communities.

This past year, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the usual events that would have brought our global community together such as the annual flagship Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC). The pandemic divided us physically, but also united us, as we experienced in a vivid way how interconnected each of us are in this globalized world. Regardless of our race, language, and color, the health of each, is the health of each other.

As the pandemic swiped across the globe, students from around the world reached out to the society, looking for ways to use their skills to help. Many voluntarily gave their time to brainstorming and developing solutions to problems related to the pandemic. Therefore, as EMBS embraced the impact of the pandemic with the rest of the world, the society realized how important it is to enhance the existing support for the development of its student members and how powerful it can be for its local communities to form a strong international community.

As a step toward building up a strong global community and better supporting the professional growth of EMBS students, EMBS is determined to refresh its governance and administrative support for EMBS student activities around the world. To this end, EMBS President Dr. Metin Akay entrusted EMBS Vice President of Student and Member Activities, Dr. Carolyn McGregor AM, and Student Representative of the EMBS Administrative Committee, Dr. Jingzhi An, to reinvigorate the IEEE EMBS Student Activities Committee (EMBS SAC).

EMBS SAC is made up of a diverse group of international core members and a network of student volunteers. Its mission is to design and implement global-scale initiatives, to enrich and enhance the EMBS experience of every student member, to support the development of EMBS student chapters and clubs, and to advocate for the needs of EMBS student members. Membership to EMBS SAC is open to all active EMBS undergraduate and graduate student members. Anyone who is willing to volunteer their time, little or much, to support and empower EMBS students are welcomed to apply. Information for the application may be found in “Join IEEE EMBS SAC” information box on this page. Current core members of EMBS SAC are:

  • Jingzhi An, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore
  • Mehak Azeem, Ziauddin University, Pakistan
  • Satwik Dutta, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA
  • John Alejandro Hernández Mora, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
  • Agnieszka Łach, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
  • Josée Rosset, University of Manitoba, Canada

Jingzhi An is also the incumbent chair of EMBS SAC. Read more about the SAC members here.

EMBS SAC 2021 will roll out several core programs over the coming months. These include:

EMBS International Student Conferences (ISCs) Program: This program provides hosting student groups the opportunity to organize IEEE style conferences under the technical sponsorship of EMBS. Participating student organizers will be able to develop leadership and management skills related to organizing conferences, and participating students will be able to obtain peer feedback for their work to prepare for IEEE and/or EMBS conferences. Indicate your interest to host an ISC here:

EMBS Student Global Mentorship Program: This program aims to develop meaningful, enriching, and sustainable mentorship programs for EMBS student members.

EMBS Student Leadership Development Program: This program aims to nurture and support the student leaders of EMBS from around the world. Under this program, a global EMBS student leaders network will be established to enhance the interaction and networking of EMBS student leaders across the globe. Join the EMBS Student Leaders Network here:

EMBS Student Professional Development Program: The program aims to help EMBS student members develop their skills and experiences in the practice of biomedical engineering. This program will focus on creating opportunities for student members to learn from academic, industry, and entrepreneurial leaders. A flagship activity under this program, for instance, is the lunch with leaders sessions at the annual EMBC.

EMBS Student Membership Value-Enhancement Program: This program aims to enhance the value of EMBS student membership to students.

EMBS Student Promotion and Public Relations Program: This program aims to raise awareness of the field of biomedical engineering globally, the profile of EMBS within and outside of IEEE, as well as to publicize various past and future EMBS student activities. Submit information about past or future student events including, but not limited to ISCs, here:

These programs will enhance academic, technical, professional, and social skills of students. Furthermore, EMBS SAC shall continue to recognize and respond to students’ interest and involvement in the society.

Want to get involved with EMBS SAC or have a question? Apply to join the committee by following the instructions in the box above or send an email to

More information and resources for EMBS student members are available on