Autonomous Robot for Removing Superficial Traumatic Blood

Autonomous Robot for Removing Superficial Traumatic Blood 150 150 IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine (JTEHM)

Objective: To remove blood from an incision and find the incision spot is a key task during surgery, or else over discharge of blood will endanger a patient’s life. However, the repetitive manual blood removal involves plenty of workload contributing fatigue of surgeons. Thus, it is valuable to design a robotic system which can automatically remove blood on the incision surface. Methods: In this paper, we design a robotic system to fulfill the surgical task of the blood removal. The system consists of a pair of dual cameras, a 6-DoF robotic arm, an aspirator whose handle is fixed to a robotic arm, and a pump connected to the aspirator. Further, a path-planning algorithm is designed to generate a path, which the aspirator tip should follow to remove blood. Results: In a group of simulating bleeding experiments on ex vivo porcine tissue, the contour of the blood region is detected, and the reconstructed spatial coordinates of the detected blood contour is obtained afterward. The BRR robot cleans thoroughly the blood running out the incision. Conclusions: This study contributes the first result on designing an autonomous blood removal medical robot. The skill of the surgical blood removal operation, which is manually operated by surgeons nowadays, is alternatively grasped by the proposed BRR medical robot.