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About Committee

About Committee

Development of micro-devices and their applicable methodology of artificial physiological organ system for biological and biomedical application: screening and discovery, medical diagnosis, drug delivery, medical therapy and other micro/nano technology for bioMEMS application as in-vivo or in-vitro system.

  • Micro/Nano Array (DNA, Protein, Cell arrays) Technology.
  • Micro/Nano Fluidics (Hybrid Micro/Nano-Devices for drug delivery) Technology.
  • Bio Sensors (Detection Device of the Specific DNA, Protein, Cell) Technology.
  • Micro/Nano Therapeutic Technology (Implantable Methodology).
  • Tissue Engineering Technology (In-vivo or In-vitro Device for Physiology).
  • Micro/Nano Particles and Nanoprobes/Molecular Engineering.
  • Diagnostic Applications.
  • Bio-Materials Development Method.
  • Bio-Defense Technology.
  • Other Micro/Nano Fabrication Technology or Methodology for Genomics, Proteomics and Cell Biology.


  • Provide technical governance and recommendations to Programs Chairs of ISBI and EMBC annual conferences.
  • Identify leading edge topics attractive for workshops and special sessions.
  • Recommend special Issue topics for publication in various journals.
  • Support and facilitate access for BioMEMS community who wish to incorporate multidisciplinary fields.
  • Promote better research environment through advancements in BioMEMS.