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  • Nanobiotechnology is an emerging area that deals with using nanotechnology for medical applications. Although this field is relatively new its potential applications are enourmous. It is one day possible to create nanoparticles that can search for tumor cells and selectively destroy them. Also it is possible to make nanoparticles that can be used to image features in the body.

    The task of this committee is to develop programming and events to highlight and further the area of microtechnologies and BioMEMS for human health.

  • Development of micro-devices and their applicable methodology of artificial physiological organ system for biological and biomedical application: screening and discovery, medical diagnosis, drug delivery, medical therapy and other micro/nano technology for bioMEMS application as in-vivo or in-vitro system.

    • Micro/Nano Array (DNA, Protein, Cell arrays) Technology.
    • Micro/Nano Fluidics (Hybrid Micro/Nano-Devices for drug delivery) Technology.
    • Bio Sensors (Detection Device of the Specific DNA, Protein, Cell) Technology.
    • Micro/Nano Therapeutic Technology (Implantable Methodology).
    • Tissue Engineering Technology (In-vivo or In-vitro Device for Physiology).
    • Micro/Nano Particles and Nanoprobes/Molecular Engineering.
    • Diagnostic Applications.
    • Bio-Materials Development Method.
    • Bio-Defense Technology.
    • Other Micro/Nano Fabrication Technology or Methodology for Genomics, Proteomics and Cell Biology.
    • Provide technical governance and recommendations to Programs Chairs of ISBI and EMBC annual conferences.
    • Identify leading edge topics attractive for workshops and special sessions.
    • Recommend special Issue topics for publication in various journals.
    • Support and facilitate access for BioMEMS community who wish to incorporate multidisciplinary fields.
    • Promote better research environment through advancements in BioMEMS.

IEEE EMBS Bionanotechnology and BioMEMs Conference (BNM)

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The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering

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