Standards Committee presents

Cj Rieser

Ms. Cj Rieser Ph.D. is a senior member of the IEEE women in engineering and medical communities. As a Division Futurist for Medical Technology in the MITRE Labs Emerging Technology Innovation Center and a Research Faculty in the UVA School of Medicine Department of Public Health Sciences, Dr. Rieser serves as the UVA-MITRE Partnership Leader. In this capacity, she envisioned, established, and directs the MITRE @ University of Virginia (UVA) Health Innovation Hub site that hosts an integrative engineering initiative in medicine known as the MITRE@UVA Health Learning Laboratory. The Lab enables collaboration on complex data environments, smart connected mobile telehealth systems, and shared clinical analytics capabilities to improve care, safety, and quality of life. Her translational research & teaching uses creativity as a catalyst to incubate cognitive analytics, cyber-physical systems, human learning, and other emerging technologies. In addition, Cj serves on IEEE’s global medical technology standards steering committee and facilitates a working group of thought leaders spanning government, academia, as well as industry with interests in developing standards for sharing analytics and portable data models. Dr. Rieser’s doctoral research as a National Science Foundation (NSF) Fellow was supported by the Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) program at Virginia Tech focused on advanced networking. As a Principal Medical S&T Engineer at MITRE she directs engineering services and research in partnership with her UVA Health colleagues that include managing engineering activities, mentoring researchers, publishing innovative findings, and transitioning emerging medical technologies into use.