Call for Participation for IEEE P2795, Standard for Shared Analytics Across Secure and Unsecured Networks

 IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) invites your participation in the working group for IEEE P2795TMStandard for Shared Analytics Across Secure and Unsecured Networks.
Scope of Standard:This standard identifies the requirements for using shared analytics over secured and unsecured networks. It establishes a consistent method of using an overarching interoperability framework to utilize one or more disparate data systems for analytic purposes without an analytic user having explicit access to or sharing the data within these systems.

Why Get Involved:

This standard allows for a high assurance method of sharing access to information for analysis without moving data beyond firewall protection. It facilitates sharing virtual access to aggregate data without the need for direct access to personal health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), or other sensitive data. The standard supports a scenario where an entity (institution and/or technology) with an analytic might wish to analyze data stored at another entity (institution and/or technology) within appropriate cyber security constraints.

Who Should Participate:Stakeholders for this standard include any organization that collects, analyzes, and shares data. This can include:Government agencies such as:Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Interagency Program Office (IPO)Defense Health Agency (DHA)Veteran Health Administration (VHA)Food and Drug Administration (FDA)National Institutes of Health (NIH)Industry groups and academic organizations that would benefit from virtual access to disparate data sets from other entities

How to Participate:For more information about the IEEE P2795TM standard project and kickoff meeting, please send an email addressed to both Dr. Cj Rieserat cjrieser@ieee.organd John Griffith at
Meeting Information:The IEEE P2795TM kick-off meeting will be held on Thursday, May 9th at 11am ET.

When:Thursday, May 9th11am to 2pm
Please arrive at 10:30am for badging

MITRE 4 Building, Room 3J101
7596 Colshire Drive
McLean, Virginia, 22102