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[Call for Participation] IEEE P2725.1, Standard for Microwave Structural, Vascular or Functional Medical Imaging Device Safety

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 IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) invites you to participate in the Working Group for IEEE P2725.1™, Standard for Microwave Structural, Vascular or Functional Medical Imaging Device Safety.


This standard specifies the area(s) of intended usage, electromagnetic and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for microwave medical imaging systems and brain machine interface (BMI) devices.

The purpose of this standard is: 

  • To specify the maximum allowable exposure of radio frequency (RF) energy to which the device exposes the human body and to further specify required means within the device to continually monitor such energy emission and to automatically shut down the device in the event these limits are exceeded.
  • To specify the electrical safety requirements, to ensure that in the event of any single-point failure, the device does not expose the subject to leakage currents exceeding a specified existing limit that is established as safe, such as the electrical safety parameters specified in IEC-60601.
  • To specify the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements of the device, to prevent interference with communications, and to prevent unintended transmission of patient data due to RF leakage.

In addition to the creation and approval of human safety and EMC requirements documents, this standard also defines the assurance program for evaluating and certifying products against those requirements.

MEETING INFORMATION   Date: Friday, 21 January 2022
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM ET

This meeting will take place via teleconference.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE   Log in to the myProject system to indicate interest in following or participating in this effort.Note: An IEEE SA account is needed to access the system – just click on ‘Create Account’ if you do not already have one.Click on the ‘Menu’ icon at the top of the page and go to the ‘Manage Profile and Interests’ page.Click on the ‘Interests’ tab, click on the ‘Add Groups’ and search for ‘P2725.1’ or ‘Microwave Structural, Vascular or Functional Medical Imaging Device Safety Working Group.’ Click on the button in the ‘Groups I am Interested In’ column to indicate interest in the group.Indicate whether you want to follow or participate in the activity and declare your affiliation.Need help? Click on the ‘Help’ icon at the top of the page for assistance.

For additional information, contact the IEEE P2725.1™ Working Group Chair, Joel Libove, at or the IEEE SA Program Manager, Tom Thompson, at

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