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Machines That Dance

Author(s)3: Pamela Reynolds
Machines That Dance 618 372 IEEE Pulse

Artist Arthur Ganson describes his kinetic sculptures as a cross between mechanical engineering and choreography. And if you’ve had a chance to see one of his works, you’ll understand why.…

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Life Hackers

Author(s)3: Lindsay Tucker
Life Hackers 618 372 IEEE Pulse

In summer 2008, 23-year-old Kay Aull had just graduated from MIT with a degree in bioengineering when she came across a competition for so-called “biohackers” on science fiction website…

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The Diabetes Epidemic: Spotlight on the U.S.

The Diabetes Epidemic: Spotlight on the U.S.

Author(s)3: Dawn DeWitt
The Diabetes Epidemic: Spotlight on the U.S. 618 372 IEEE Pulse

Next month, IEEE PULSE will take an in depth look at the worldwide diabetes epidemic. We’ll be exploring societal and demographic trends around the world, as well as new initiatives…

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What the Future Holds

Author(s)3: Cynthia Weber, Shannon Fischer
What the Future Holds 618 372 IEEE Pulse

When it comes to BME today, innovation might just be the most important buzzword around. That’s not because it happens to be the trend of the day across industries already; it’s because…

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