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A Novel Cardiac Auscultation Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensing for Healthcare

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Part of the Special Issue on Advanced Internet of Things in Personalized Healthcare Systems: Validation, Analysis and Utilization

Heart sounds deliver vital physiological and pathological evidence about health. Wireless cardiac auscultation offers continuous cardiac monitoring of an individual without 24*7 manual healthcare care services. In this paper, a novel wireless sensing system to monitor and analyze cardiac condition is proposed, which sends the information to the caregiver as well as a medical practitioner with an application of the Internet of Things (IoT). An integrated system for heart sound acquisition, storage, and asynchronous analysis has been developed, from scratch to information uploading through IoT and signal analysis. Cardiac auscultation sensing unit has been designed to monitor cardiovascular health of an individual. Bluetooth protocol is used to offer power efficiency and moderate data transmission rate. The Hilbert–Huang transform is used to eliminate interference signals and to help to extract the heart sound signal features. Subsequence segmentation algorithm based on double-threshold has been developed to extract physiological parameters. Preprocessing, segmentation, and clustering technique were performed for significant health information interpretation. The cardiac auscultation monitoring system may provide a way for heart disease self-management.

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