TC on Cardiopulmonary Systems and Physiology-Based Engineering

Role of TC-CSPE

The TC on Cardiopulmonary Systems and Physiology-Based Engineering is comprised of members interested in:

  • Promoting research and education as it applies to the application of engineering methodology to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Providing leadership and advice to the Administrative Committee (AdCom) of EMBS in technical matters pertaining to cardiopulmonary systems
  • Promoting the development and organization of high-quality technical programs on topics related to Theme 5 (Cardiovascular & Respiratory Engineering) in the annual EMB international conference
  • Enhancing the quality and number of publications related to cardiopulmonary systems in EMBS journals, and providing technical guidance in the development of special issues on topics in the field
  • Fostering collaboration with and outreach to other major societies focusing on the physiology and clinical aspects of the cardiovascular, respiratory and sleep regulation systems.