About Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing (BIIP) Technical Committee

The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) Technical Committee (TC) on Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing (BIIP) is comprised of experts interested in serving and promoting the field of BIIP within the biomedical engineering community.

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This TC works within the administrative framework of the EMBS to promote the welfare and technical enhancement of BIIP, via the following actions:

  • Be part of the program committees of ISBI and EMBC conferences to manage review assignment of papers related to BIIP.
  • Assist the organizing committees of ISBI and EMBC, by identifying leading edge topics for workshops, tutorials and special sessions.
  • Perform reviews for ISBI and EMBC annual conferences.
  • Assist in the evaluation of proposals for special issue topics submitted to IEEE TMI and TBME and related to BIIP.
  • Recommend sponsoring by IEEE EMBS of workshops and summer schools related to BIIP.
  • Nominate candidates for IEEE EMBS awards related to BIIP.
  • Nominate candidates for IEEE EMBS Distinguished Lecturers Program
  • Provide leadership and advice to the Administrative Committee (AdCom) of EMBS on technical matters pertaining to BIIP.
  • Collaborate and exchange information with other IEEE TCs, or other scientific societies in the field of BIIP.
  • Solicite authors and topics for the journal Reviews on Biomedical Engineering.