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We publish manuscripts on imaging of body structure, morphology and function, including cell and molecular imaging and all forms of microscopy.

Highlighted Associate Editors

Alejandro Frangi

Alejandro Frangi

Associate Editor

Prof Frangi has been an Associate Editor since 2003 and primarily oversees manuscript submissions in the areas of machine learning and image-based computational modelling in cardiovascular and musculoskeletal medicine. Since his appointment, Prof Frangi has overseen nearly 340 submissions in our journal and was guest editor of several special issues: Three-dimensional Cardiovascular Image Analysis. (with Rueckert and Duncan, 2002), Vascular Imaging (with Amini and Bullit, 2005), Medical Imaging and Image Computing in Computational Physiology (with Hose, Hunter, Ayache and Brooks, 2013), Simulation and Synthesis in Medical Imaging (with Tsaftaris and Prince, 2018), and Geometrical Deep Learning in Medical Imaging (w/ Fu, Zhao, Yap and Schönlieb, 2022).

Prof Frangi is the Diamond Jubilee Chair in Computational Medicine at the University of Leeds with joint appointments in the Schools of Computing and Medicine. He holds a Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies and is a Honorary Professor at KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium. Prof Frangi graduated in BSc/MSc Telecommunications Engineering (1996) from the Universitat Politénica de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain) with a thesis on image noise properties in Electrical Impedance Tomography. He was subsequently awarded a PhD in Imaging Sciences (2001) by University Medical Centre Utrecht (Utrecht, The Netherlands). His research focused on model-based cardiovascular image analysis. One of the contributions is the well-known vesselness filter, a classic in medical image computing. Since his PhD, he has developed research interests at the interface between imaging and modelling using data-driven (AI/ML) approaches and biomechanistic computational modelling. He held academic positions in (Zaragoza and Barcelona) Spain, and the United Kingdom (Sheffield and Leeds). He was Visiting Scholar in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Presidential International Fellow Initiative scheme and is a Pengcheng Visiting Scholar at Shenzhen University, School of Biomedical Engineering.

Prof Frangi has been an IEEE Member throughout his career, starting as Student Member (1993) and becoming IEEE Fellow (2014). He was awarded the Early Career Award (2006) and Technical Achievement Award (2021) by the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society and was General Chair of IEEE ISBI 2012 (Barcelona). He was made SPIE Fellow in 2020 and MICCAI Fellow in 2021. He also served as Chair of the EMB Society Fellow Nomination Committee (2018-2019), IEEE Fellow Committee (2021-2022), IEEE Signal Processing Society Biomedical Imaging and Signal Processing Technical Committee Chair (2019-2021), IEEE Conduct Review Committee (2022). Prof Frangi is an IEEE Signal Processing Society representative at the Steering Board of IEEE Trans Medical Imaging (2022-2023).

Dr. Xu has been an Associate Editor since 2019 and primarily oversees manuscript submissions in deep learning covering multiple areas of medical image analysis.

Dr. Xu is a Senior Scientist at Nvidia Corp. He was a Staff Scientist at National Institutes of Health and has been working on computer vision and image analysis since 2004. His research topics covers image enhancement, registration, segmentation, detection, and generation with multiple imaging modalities. His recent focus is on representation learning and federated learning.

Dr. Xu serves as program/area chair for various conferences (MICCAI, AAAI, etc.). Besides TMI, he is also an Associate Editor for the journals JBHI, CBM, and CMIG.