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Why Join EMBS?

See what members are saying about why they joined EMBS…

Why I joined EMBS

  • I joined the EMBS to increase my network globally; expand my knowledge of biomedical science and engineering; to take advantage of leadership opportunities in the Society by taking on new challenges; and to fundamentally make a difference by giving back in gratitude to those who helped me in my career.
  • I joined because my research work aligned with the society very well.
  • In order to network with colleagues
  • Saw a conference I was interested in back in 1992 in Paris! So joined up to get the conference rate. Also at the time, an acquaintance who was a member told me about the work the Society did.

Why You Should Join

Some Member Benefits:

  • Networking – Expand network of colleagues on a global basis
  • Education – learn about different aspects of BME
  • Opportunity to give back and help others in their careers and/or expand opportunities.
  • Social opportunity with fellow researchers.
  • Discounted conference registration.
  • Access to IEEE resources, e.g. ebooks, online e-communities, standards, etc.
  • Promote their own science
  • Technical/scientific information