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Workshop on “Wearable and Ambient Sensor Technology in Geriatric Medicine and Rehabilitation – examples, challenges and lessons learned”

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Author: Edward Sazonov

Demographic change with rising numbers in co-morbidity leads to an increased demand in clinical geriatric expertise as well as in geriatric research. In order to alleviate the effects that aging will have on our societies in terms of increased functional deficits, waning possibilities for participation and communication and a potential risk of emergencies, supportive technical solutions are frequently proposed. Such technologies may comprise a wide range of solutions including e.g. wearable sensor-based systems, ambient assisted living systems for personal environments or communication support tools. To make sure that the rapidly advancing field of research in technologies for the elderly meets the demands of the persons in need, research efforts should be interdisciplinary. Evaluation in controlled clinical trials or field experiments is extremely valuable and therefore highly commended.

The intended workshop will be submitted to the HEC2016 conference in Munich to address research in such technologies.
Specifically, the workshop aims to address the following topics:
•    Systems (ambient, wearable, or both) for geriatric resp. elderly care, supporting e.g.
o    Rehabilitation (progress) monitoring and support/ advice
o    Emergency detection and alarm
o    Chronic disease management
o    Health consultation and feedback
o    Support for activities of daily life
o    Communication, education, social interaction and entertainment
•    Clinical trials or field experiments with a comprehensive evaluation methodology using such systems, e.g. to support geriatric rehabilitation
•    Cost-benefit studies of such systems
•    Experiences, pitfalls, lessons learned

Submission Guidelines
High quality, original abstracts dealing with this domain are solicited (max. 150 words). All abstracts submitted will be peer-reviewed in a rigorous review process. Please send your abstract as an email attachment to Michael.marschollek@plri.de.

Submission Deadline: March 15, 2016

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