IEEE Virtual Conference on Applications of Commercial Sensors (IEEE VCACS 2016)

IEEE Virtual Conference on Applications of Commercial Sensors (IEEE VCACS 2016) 150 150 Wearable Biomedical Sensors & Systems (WBSS)

Announcing the
IEEE Virtual Conference on Applications of  Commercial Sensors (IEEE VCACS 2016)
In  2015,  the  IEEE  Sensors  Council  launched  a  new  virtual conference series that focuses on practical applications of sensors. Successful  authors  submit  presentations  and  papers  that  teach others  how  to  build  useful  electronic  devices  employing commercially  available  microprocessor  platforms  and  sensors. Successful  authors  include  complete  system  details  (circuit diagrams,  PCB  layouts,  computer  code,  SolidWorks  files,  bill  of materials, etc.) so that others can readily implement their working prototypes.

Authors  submit  a  15-minute  presentation  video  (mp4  file  using Camtasia or similar), a paper manuscript (using the standard IEEE publications template), and a compressed ancillary file (zip or tar with  all  their  supporting  materials).  Accepted  presentations  (and their  compressed  ancillary  files)  are  immediately  posted  to  the  conference  website.    For  the  accepted  presentations,  the accompanying paper manuscripts  then undergo  a traditional IEEE peer review cycle. Accepted papers (and their associated ancillary files) are included in the Conference Proceedings and are published worldwide in IEEE Xplore.  Having an accepted presentation does not guarantee acceptance of the accompanying paper manuscripts.  Revisions to the paper manuscript may be required.

To see what is expected, please visit the IEEE VCACS 2015 website:

Special Features

  • There are no conference registration fees.
  • To register for the conference, join our dedicated mailing list on the website.
  • Authors present their work via recorded presentations.
  • Conference attendees view the presentations via a streaming video link at their convenience.  They ask questions via Twitter.
  • Accepted papers appear in IEEE Xplore.

The Steering Committee will identify conference best papers
and issue appropriate awards.

Steering Committee
NC State Univ:  Troy Nagle, Omer Oralkan, Jesse Jur
Univ Rhode Island: Walt Besio
UC Irvine:    Andrei Shkel
Graz Univ Tech:  Georg Brasseur
NCA&T:    Corey Graves
Rutgers Univ:  Mehdi Javanmard
VA Tech Univ:  Amir Zaghloul

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