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IEEE Virtual Conference on Applications of Commercial Sensors (IEEE VCACS 2015)

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The IEEE Sensors Council (SC) and IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBS) have joined forces to launch a new virtual conference that focuses on practical applications of sensors. Successful authors will submit papers that will teach others how to build useful electronic devices using commercially available microprocessor platforms and sensors. Successful authors will include complete details (circuit diagrams, PCB layouts, computer code, SolidWorks files, etc.) so that others can readily implement their working prototypes. A short video of each working system is required. Accepted papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings and published worldwide in IEEE Xplore.

Submission Opens:  1 March 2015
Submission Closes:  15 August 2015
Virtual Sessions Begin:  15 June 2015
Virtual Sessions End: 15 October 2015

There are no conference registration fees. To register for the conference, join our dedicated mailing list: http://research.ece.ncsu.edu/ieee-sensors/


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