IEEE EMBS presents

Laboratory Profiles

Visible Heart Laboratory

Advancing Drug Delivery: Microbubbles and Beyond

Decoding the Brain: Neuroengineering at the University of Minnesota

Tapping the Computing Power of the Unconscious Brain

Neuroscientist Paul Sajda, of Columbia University, uses the human vision system for computerized image sorting.

A Manhattan Project for the Prosthetic Arms Race

Researchers are looking for a way to connect prosthetics directly to the brain.

Playing Guitar Hero Without Hands

Researchers find a more enjoyable way for amputees to train computers to recognize muscle control.

Feeding the Machine: The World’s Most Sophisticated Artificial Stomach

The Institute of Food Research has built the worlds most sophisticated artificial stomach – now it is dinner time.

The Rocket-Powered Prosthetic Arm

Vanderbilt engineers trade in batteries for rocket fuel in the robotic arm they are developing for amputees.

Surgeons Got Game

Video games might make surgeons better at their jobs.

Biomedical Engineering at the Mayo Clinic

As one of the world’s leading practice facilities, the Mayo Clinic has transformed medicine and patient care. This video provides an overview of the biomedical engineering laboratories and research done at the Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic Motion Lab

This video provides a tour of the Mayo Clinic Motion Lab, where scientists are conducting innovative and integrated basic and translational research to provide state-of-the-art equipment to patients with disabilities regarding their neuromusculoskeletal system.