IEEE EMBS presents

Healthcare Innovation 2012

IEEE HIC 2012 – Keynote – Matthew O’Donnell

Matthew O’Donnell, Frank & Julie Jungers, Dean of Engineering, University of Washington
Talk Title: Is Molecular Imaging Truly Needed to Translate the Promise of Molecular Medicine into a Clinical Reality?

IEEE HIC 2012 – Keynote – Rick Valencia

Rick Valencia, Vice President Wireless Health & General Manager of Qualcomm Life, Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize

IDEO Introduction Session

All conference attendees gathered to learn about IDEO’s design philosophy in an exciting hands-on exercise! Facilitator Stacey Chang leads the Session Participants.

IDEO Design Challenge Report

IDEO, the renowned design and innovation firm, hosted a design challenge at the 2012 IEEE Healthcare Innovation Conference. Eight teams of clinicians and engineers (including students) had an opportunity to advance ideas for new healthcare breakthroughs, while learning IDEO’s unique process for design innovation. All teams had the opportunity to present their design process to the audience (including Venture Capitalists and Kickstarter seed funding launch) on Friday. Additionally, four teams were asked to submit a paper on their experience at the design workshop for the new IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine.

Global Health Keynote Panel- Meeting the Needs

Ben Fleishman, B.S. Mario Forjaz Secca, Kristen Maitland Ph.D., Marian G. McCord Ph.D., Ryan Littman-Quinn
This panel addressed how academics and nonprofit and association leaders are working collaboratively and individually to meet the unique medical and engineering challenges that exist in resource poor settings worldwide.

Commercialization Keynote Panel

Colin J.H. Brenan Ph.D., Michael K. Dempsey, Jim Graham, M.B.A., Howard R. Levin, M.D., Roderic I. Pettigrew, Donna See, MBA, MPH
A panel of experienced leaders from academia, government and finance discussed the current state of translational development and where we go from here. The panel also touched on practical aspects of funding innovation in a capital-constrained.

Space Medicine Round Table

Joseph P. Kerwin, M.D., Scott E. Parazynski, M.D., Neal Pellis, PhD
Former NASA astronauts and physicians on the roundtable provided a unique firsthand perspective on both what space is like and what remains to be done. This panel explored current and impending issues confronting manned missions in space, on the Moon, and Mars.

Global Health Keynote Panel – Global Health Engineering

Soumyadipta Acharya, MD, MSE, PhD, Justin Ballotta, Margaret Nakakeeto-Kijjambu M.D., Harshad Sanghvi, MD, Adriana Velazquez
Building capacity for global health innovation requires a coordinated effort that engages the whole medical device “ecosystem” in low resource settings — healthcare providers, governments, supply chain, academia and potential users. This panel addressed ways in which different organizations are addressing this critical need, and some of the challenges involved, including the lack of regulations, guidance, and formal infrastructure for safety and efficacy evaluation.