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Metal-based Green Synthesized Nanoparticles: Boon for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

The applications of metal-based nanoparticles (MNPs) in the sustainable development of agriculture and food security have received greater attention in recent years in the science community. Different biological resources have been employed to replace harmful chemicals to reduce metal salts and stabilize MNPs, i.e., green methods for the synthesis have paid attention to the nanobiotechnological advances. This review mainly focused on the applications of green synthesized MNPs for the agriculture sector and food security. Because of the novel domains, the green synthesized MNPs could be helpful in the different areas of agriculture like plant growth promotion, plant disease, and insect/pest management, fungicidal agent, in food security for food packaging, for increasing the shelf life and protection from spoilage, and other purposes. In the present review, the global scenario of the recent studies on the applications of green synthesized MNPs, particularly in sustainable agriculture and food security, is comprehensively discussed.

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