TNB presents

Continuous segmented-flow synthesis of Ag and Au nanoparticles using a low-cost microfluidic PTFE tubing reactor

We present in here a simple and low cost continuous segmented-flow process for the synthesis of Ag and Au spherical-shaped nanoparticles. Different residence times (RT) were used to perform the nanoparticle synthesis, observing that at low RT, the Ag nanoparticles production, which uses a fast reduction reaction with NaBH4, is improved due to an enhancement in the mixing of the reactants. However, the flow conditions have an opposite effect in the case of Au nanoparticles synthesis. Indeed, since the chemical reduction process (Turkevich method) exhibit a much slower kinetics, high RT (low flowrates) improve the synthesis yield and the quality of the nanoparticles. The Ag and Au nanoparticles were characterized by UV-Vis spectrophotometry (UV-Vis) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). The Ag spherical-shaped nanoparticles presented a LSPR at 400 nm (size ≈ 4 nm), while the synthesized Au nanoparticles exhibit LSPR and sizes in the range 520 – 550 nm and 14 – 17 nm, respectively.

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