Centrifugal Filter Device for Detection of Rare Cells With Immuno-Binding

Centrifugal Filter Device for Detection of Rare Cells With Immuno-Binding 256 300 Transactions on NanoBioscience (TNB)

Many investigations have shown circulating tumor cells (CTCs) to serve as a significant biomarker of cancer progression and for cancer treatment. Multiple blood samples detection of CTCs during a course of treatment might facilitate a choice by a medical doctor of an effective drug and a treatment for particular patients. A simple and cost-effective method to identify the trend of decreasing CTCs during a treatment with various therapies is in great demand. A novel multilayer, concentric filter device combined with an immune-binding method enables the enrichment and detection of rare cells in a mass cell population with a separation based on size. Such separation implemented with a filter is among the most efficient, simple and inexpensive methods to isolate cells, but its main disadvantages are clogging, deformation of cells, and a requirement of a significant difference of size between targeted rare cells and normal cells. We designed a concentric filter device and an immune-binding method to create a significant size difference of target cells, and increased the efficiency of separation to identify rare cells with a simple miniature centrifuge in the laboratory. The enrichment of target rare cells from a mass cell population and the detection were demonstrated on mixing targeted MCF-7 blast cancer cells and Jurkat blood cells in ratio 1:1 000 000. The device is prospectively applicable for the detection of circulating tumor cells in a clinical application.