TNB presents

A High-voltage TENG-based Droplet Energy Generator with Ultralow Liquid Consumption

A solid-liquid triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) has attracted increasing research interest in relation to the development of regeneration energy based on water resources. The output of solid-liquid TENG remains unsolved, however, because of the low voltage output that impedes wide applications. To this end, in this work we developed a miniaturized microfluidic channel-based TENG device for highly efficient conversion of energy from the transport of a water droplet to an electrical output. We investigated an optimized design in a triboelectric material, the droplet transport and the electrostatic induction layer to provide a high voltage output and stable energy harvesting. The optimized device demonstrated maximum voltage amplitude 102 mV with an ultralow liquid consumption, 0.36 μL, resulting in sample-energy conversion 283.33 mV/μL. This novel device is expected potentially to address the limitations imposed by sample consumption in energy harvesting in the future.

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