Editorial: The Year in Review

Editorial: The Year in Review 700 279 IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (TBME)

Bin He
Volume 61, Issue 1 (Open Access)

2013 has been a productive and exciting year. Despite the large number of submissions, TBME’s submission to first decision time was reduced to 29 days and average submission to ePublication is about 21 weeks. Our current acceptance rate is about 22%. Enjoying its reputation as a leading journal publishing significant and impactful articles, TBME’s h-index is ranked in the top 5 among 118 biomedical engineering journals. To better address TBME user needs, a new website was designed and launched in early 2013. It introduces the latest research and features high impact papers monthly. In 2013, there were over 30,000 unique visitors, over 55,000 visits and over 161,000 page views. About 50% of these visitors viewed the site multiple times. To promote articles published in TBME and to introduce TBME featured articles, a monthly TBME Highlights newsletter has been delivered to the international biomedical engineering community. Many articles, which were highlighted in the newsletter, immediately received a great amount of attention. We encourage authors to first submit their original, most important findings to TBME. We will continue to work to maintain and further improve our rapid peer review system to provide timely feedback to the submitting authors. Your support, as readers, authors, reviewers, editors, and board members, is much appreciated and critical to the continued success of TBME. Let us continue working together in this new year, which I hope will be filled with success and happiness.