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Progress in nanorobotics for advancing biomedicine

Author(s)3: Mi Li, Ning Xi, Yuechao Wang, Lianqing Liu
Progress in nanorobotics for advancing biomedicine 170 177 IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (TBME)
Nanorobotics involves developing robotic devices to perform tasks at the nanometer scale. Nanorobotic systems can themselves be miniature in size (nanorobot), or they may be designed to interact with nano-sized matters (nanomanipulator). In the past decades, the breakthroughs of various nanorobotic systems and their applications in life sciences have offered novel possibilities for addressing biomedical issues and expanded the field of medical robotics, indicating that we are realizing the application scene of nanorobotics which has long been a fantasy in science fiction. Here, the recent advances in nanorobotics for biomedical applications are summarized and future perspectives are presented. read more