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Call for Participation: IEEE P2792 WG
IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) invites you to participate in the working group for IEEE P2792™ – Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation Waveforms.WHY GET INVOLVED     This standard provides guidelines and definitions of therapeutic neurostimulation waveforms for development engineers and health care professionals. This standard provides guidelines... Read more
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Neurotechnologies for Brain-Machine Interface Standards Roadmap Now Available for Public Comments! Last Date 30 September 2020
This roadmap provides an overview of the existing and developing standards in the field of neurotechnologies for brain-machine interfacing. The focus is on systems that provide a closed-loop interaction with artificial devices based on information extracted from measurements of activity in the... Read more
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Call for Participation: IEEE P2864, Guide for a Software Change Control System for Three-Dimensional (3D) Bioprinting of Tissue-Engineered Medical Products (TEMPs)
We are seeking input from software developers, three-dimensional (3D) printer manufacturers, medical product manufacturers that use 3D printers, and researchers that use 3D printers... Read more
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1847-2019 – IEEE Recommended Practice for Common Framework of Location Services for Healthcare Buy this standard Standard DetailsA common framework of Location Services for Healthcare (LS-H) is contained in this recommended practice. The framework includes LS-H conceptual information model and LS-H... Read more
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1708a-2019 – IEEE Standard for Wearable, Cuffless Blood Pressure Measuring Devices – Amendment 1 Buy this Standard Standard DetailsClarifying and furthering the subject selection of the sample size in the clinical study; looking into the results of the validation... Read more