Call for Participation in the IEEE P1847(tm) Working Group

Working Group Scope
The approved scope of the IEEE P1847™ Working Group (WG) has two primary objectives: 1) To develop a conceptual information model, and 2) To develop common terminology. This framework will serve as a foundation for additional standards such as Use Cases, Data Interfaces, and Medical Device Integration. This activity seeks to:
Improve interoperability between LS products and other systemsHelp to avoid redundancy of converging LS productsMaximize functionality of an overall LS systemImprove consumer confidence in LS adoptionNote: The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Standards Committee is the sponsor of the standards development initiative.How to Participate
There are many ways to engage with this new group: 
Working Session Participant or Lead 
Those who wish to directly help define the standards can ask to be included in the design meetings and can help advance the standards or simply listen in. Leads will have assigned responsibilities.E-mail Updates 
Those who wish to merely stay informed, access the website and receive e-mail updates, can simply sign up for our e-mail distribution list.Please contact and state your interests. Customers, Vendors, Individuals and other organizations are welcome to contact us to participate.
Scheduled 2015 Events 
Working Group Kickoff Meeting 25 March 2015 11AM-12PM ESTFace-to-Face Meeting 2-5 June 2015Face-to-Face Meeting October 2015 (date TBD)Note: Event updates will be shared via e-mail to subscribers to our e-mail list.