Call for Participation in IEEE P2731, Standard for a Unified Terminology for Brain-Computer Interfaces

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) invites your participation in the work group for IEEE P2731™, Standard for a Unified Terminology for Brain-Computer Interfaces

Why Get Involved

A Brain-Computer Interface is usually formed by assembling several modules, some of them devoted to analyze brain signals, whereas some others responsible to translate the analyzed signals into commands toward the environment. 

Presently, there is confusion in the description of Brain-Computer Interfaces because there are different visions relative to these modules. This confusion can cause misunderstandings or even make it impossible to compare different systems and its performances creating difficulty in determining which one is more appropriate for a certain application.

The standard will establish terminologies and definitions used in the description of Brain-Computer Interfaces.

Who Should Participate

Scientific CommunityUsers
Technical ExpertsMedical ResearchersBCI Systems Developers and Manufacturers Government and Regulatory AgenciesIndustry, AcademicOther Interested Groups
How to Participate
If you are interested in participating in this standards project, please contact the IEEE 2731TM, Tom Thompson, Operations Program Manager

Meeting Information

Date:            27 June 2019 
Time:           10:00AM – 12:00PM EDT  
                    (2:00PM – 4:00PM UTC and 4:00PM – 6:00PM Rome)
Duration:     2-hour kick-off meeting teleconference