Call for Participation: IEEE-SA Standards Project in the Wearable Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitors Working Group

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) invites your participation in the Working Group for IEEE P1708™, (Revised) Standard for Wearable Cuffless Blood Pressure Measuring Devices. Why Get Involved:The intent of this standard revision is to establish objective performance evaluation of wearable, cuffless blood pressure (BP) measuring devices. The standard is independent of the form of the device or the vehicle to which the device is attached or in which it is embedded. The standard is applicable to all types of wearable BP measurement devices that have different modes of operation (e.g., to measure short-term, long-term, snapshot, continuous, beat(s)-to-beat(s) BP, or BP variability).Who Should Participate:Wearable BP device developers and manufacturersPotential purchasers/users:  hospitals, health care professionals, patientsHealthcare data managersMedical researchersTechnical expertsClinical PractitionersGovernment RegulatorsOther parties that have a material interest in developing this standardHandHow to Participate:If you would like to join the
IEEE P1708™ Working Group, please contact the Program Manager, Kathryn Bennett. Please include your name, email address and employer in your response. Kick-Off Meeting Information:Date:    
Thursday, 13 July 2017Time:  
5:30PM — 7:00PM KST (Korean Standard Time) [UTC/GMT +9 hours]Venue:  Co-Located with the 39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 2017)                               International Convention Center (ICC), Jeju Island, Korea – 11-15 July 2017    Meeting Room will be provided shortly.  *Web conferencing will also be available.