Call for Participation: IEEE P2730™ Working Group: Medical Robots Working Group

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) invites your participation in the working group to develop the Standard for Classification, Terminologies, and Definitions of Medical Robots. The purpose of this standard is to provide the industry a unified classification and definitions on medical robots that industry can leverage. Harmonization of these classification and definitions on medical robots promotes a common framework for the industry in the rapid development and deployment of medical robots the healthcare industry.Why get involved:The international medical robot industry has already begun. Universities, hospitals, enterprises and companies have ongoing work on the research and development of medical robots. The potential of medical robot market is great, and all the countries of the world pay great attention to its development. However, there is no unified definition for medical robots. The classification of medical robots is quite different, which hinders the development of medical robot industry. At present, there are no relevant technical standards for the classification of medical robots.Who should participate: Companies/Entities engaged in the following areas:Robotics ResearchMedical Device and Robotics ManufacturersHospital and Facilities using Medical Robots Doctors and NursesBiomedical EngineersRobotic System DesignersResearchersObtain more information about this Working Group CollaborateHow to Participate:If you would like more information about this working group, please contact the Working Group Chair, Dr. Jia Zheng and/or IEEE staff Meng Zhao 
Contact the Working Group ChairMeeting Information:Friday,  20 April  2018 @  8:30am – 5:00 pmNo.31, Huatuo Road,
Daxing District
Beijing, 102696