Standards Committee presents

Mini Symposium on “Emerging Technologies and Innovations in Biomedical Engineering Accelerates Global Standards Development”, EMBC 2019, July 24, 2019

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Emerging and novel technologies, in both medical and consumer devices, generally evolve faster than the development and upkeep of corresponding standards. While this standardization gap provides much design freedom for new technology developers, it also poses a range of challenges, risks, and costs pertaining to the reliability, scalability, interoperability, and longevity of emerging technologies.

This session will be a panel of multidisciplinary experts who are leading the development of standards or actively participating in current standardization projects. They will share their knowledge and expertise (i.e., research project and/or practical experience) and perspectives on the value of standards at any stage: research, development, technology transfer or commercialization. The audience will provide an opportunity to have an interactive discussion with panel to identify additional gaps for future standards development as well as stimulate active involvement to help reduce the lag between technology and availability of standards.


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