Standards Committee presents

EMBC ’17 Special Session – Healthcare Innovation: Inspiring Global Open Consensus Standards

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15 July 2017 – 08:00-09:30AM – Webster Room

Novel technologies, in both medical and consumer devices, generally evolve faster than the development of standards. Rapidly expanding knowledge in science and biomedical engineering has in part led the speed in innovation of new personal and medical health devices. Next generation image-guided systems; advanced non-invasive brain-computer interfaces; wearable health devices for monitoring; and, display visualization techniques are some examples to name a few.

IEEE and its standards development arm, the IEEE-SA, draw on the expertise of its technical societies to bring people and technology together. Industry consensus standards are developed in an open process based on input from interested parties worldwide.

This session will highlight and provide current standardization information on specific technology areas, such as standards for 3D-based medical device applications, health informatics medical device communication, AR/VR (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality), and the field of neurotechnologies. The dialogue will provide an opportunity to share best practices, identify additional gaps for future standards development as well as stimulate active involvement to help reduce the lag between technology and availability of standards.

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