Developing Open Standards Facilitates Technology Commercialization

Developing Open Standards Facilitates Technology Commercialization 150 150 Standards Community (SC)

Special Session: Wednesday, July 18, 2018. 8:00-9:30am

Meeting Room 304AB
Chair: Carole C. Carey
Co-Chair: Esteban J Pino

Rapid changes in medical technology and innovation in medical devices require a general guidance to ensure their usefulness to benefit public health as well as improved quality of life. The need for standardization is evident in order to produce quality, safe, reliable products as well as low costs. IEEE Standards Association participants drive the development of IEEE international standards in an open environment. The purpose of this special session is to present the work of current initiatives and engage people to collaborate or propose new areas where standards are needed.

Jose Contreras-Vidal, University of Houston
Esmaiel Jabbari, University of South Carolina
Yu Zhu, Huawei Technologies
Young Lae Moon, Chosun University
Colleen Lee, US FDA CDRH
Esteban Pino, University of Concepcion
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