Call for Participation: IEEE P2725.1™ Working Group

Call for Participation: IEEE P2725.1™ Working Group 150 150 Standards Community (SC)

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) invites your participation in the working group for IEEE P2725.1™, Standard for Microwave Structural, Vascular or Functional Medical Imaging Device Safety.

Why get involved:
This standard specifies the area(s) of intended usage, electromagnetic and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for microwave medical imaging systems and brain machine interface (BMI) devices.

Who should participate:

  • Government and Regulatory Bodies
  • Device Manufacturers
  • Healthcare Facilitators
  • Application Developers
  • Medical Researchers
  • Social Networking Providers
  • Consumers

How to Participate:
If you would like to participate in the IEEE P2725.1™ Working Group, please contact the Working Group Chair, Joel Libove.

Meeting Information:
Monday, 8 October, 2018
11:50 – 13:20 (JST)
Phoenix Seagaia Resort
Hamayama Yamasaki-cho, Miyazaki City, Japan