Standards Committee presents

BCI Society Workshop: On the need of good practices and standards for Benchmarking Brain-Machine Interfaces

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March 4 @ 10:00 am

4:00pm CET, 10:00am EST, 7:00am PST, 2:00am AEDT, 11:00pm (CST)

Registration deadline: February 25


Ricardo Chavarriaga, IEEE Industry Connections group on neurotechnologies for brain-machine interface
Paul Sajda, Columbia University
José Contreras-Vidal, University of Huston
Liugi Bianchi, U Roma, Chair IEEE P2731: Standard for a unified terminology for brain-computer interfaces
Zach McKinney, Scuola Sant’Anna, Italy Chair IEEE Standard project P2794: Reporting of In Vivo Neural Interface Research
Laura Y. Cabrera, PhD, Assistant Professor, Neuroethics, Michigan State University

Translating Brain-Machine Interfacing (BMI) systems outside research laboratories onto real applications requires reliable measurement of their performance. However, there are no accepted, well-defined criteria to assess their effectiveness, usability or safety. Few attempts of benchmarking have mainly focused on off-line comparison of decoding accuracy, neglecting the effects of closed loop interaction, as well as other elements of the BMI loop (e.g. shared-control or hybrid BMI systems). This workshop will work on the identification of specific challenges related to assessing performance of closed-loop BMI systems, and propose specific action points that can lead toward good practices and standards on benchmarking BMI systems. This workshop is supported by CLAIRE (htttp://, the IEEE EMB standards committee, the IEEE Brain Initiative, the IEEE Standards Association working group on neurotechnologies ( Read more here

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