Standards Committee presents

A Path Towards Early-Stage Funding and Nanotechnology Commercialization (AM)

Past Events

Half-Day Workshop: Tuesday, July 17, 2018. 8:30-12:30pm
Location: Hawaii Convention Center
Room: TBD

Organizer: Esmaiel Jabbari, Vince Siu

The invited presentations in this session highlight recent advances and challenges in commercialization of nano/biomedical technologies and devices from innovation to protection of intellectual property, fund raising mechanisms for product research and development, regulatory process for technical and clinical evaluation of nano/biotechnologies, and business models for commercialization of nano/biomedical devices.

This symposium covers fundamental concepts in commercialization of medical devices as well as the development and commercialization of novel nanomaterials and nanomedicine for applications in pharmaceutical industry and regenerative medicine.

Intended Audience: This commercialization workshop is tailored for faculty, postdocs and senior graduate students to help take their ideas from conception to commercialization.

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