Past Academic Career Achievement Award Recipients

2020: Michael Unser (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland)

Reason for Nomination: “For the development of mathematical tools and advanced algorithms for the analysis and reconstruction of images in medicine and biology.”

2019: Nicholas A. Peppas (University of Texas at Austin, USA)

Reason for Nomination: For seminal contributions to biomaterials and artificial organs, and for the use of diagnostic devices, biosensors and nanoscale systems for treatment of diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases and hemophilia.

2018: Neville Hogan

Reason for Nomination: For exceptional contributions of leadership, education and mentorship in the field of biological robotics, neural control of movement, and human-machine interface.

2017: Nitish Thakor

Reason for Nomination: For life long achievements in the elds of biomedical instrumentation and signal processing, neuroprosthesis and neuroengineering, demonstrated through awards, publication, translational activities, and leadership in the society’s conferences and editorial activities.

2016: Maryellen Giger

Reason for Nomination: For outstanding and pioneering contributions to computer-aided diagnosis

2015: Bin He

Reason for Nomination: For significant contributions to neuroengineering research and education

2014: Max A. Viergever

Reason for Nomination: For pioneering and outstanding academic leadership in medical imaging research and education

2013: Theodore W. Berger

Reason for Nomination: For excellence in memory neural prosthesis from the stages of conceptualization to human clinical design.

2012: Peter Hunter

Reason for Nomination: For your pioneering contributions to multi-scale physical modeling of biological systems, especially the Physiome Project.

2011: K. Kirk Shung

Reason for Nomination: For outstanding contributions to biomedical ultrasonic technology and applications

2010: Robert S. Langer

Reason for Nomination: For outstanding leadership in tissue engineering, drug delivery, biomaterials, and micro- and nanotechnologies for regenerative medicine

2009: Sergio Cerutti

Reason for Nomination: For a meritorious career in biomedical engineering research in the area of biomedical signal processing and the advancement of biomedical engineering education

2008: Roger Barr

Reason for Nomination: For outstanding pioneering contributions to the field of bioelectricity and leadership in biomedical engineering.

2007: Jose Principe

Reason for Nomination: For an outstanding career in biomedical engineering as exemplified by pioneering technical innovation, mentorship and publication of innovative textbooks.

2006: Jean-Louis Coatrieux

2005: Ewart Carson

Reason for Nomination: For meritorious contributions to the profession of biomedical engineering and to the technical activities of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society of the IEEE, as exemplified by service on conference organizations, committee activities and significant contributions as Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

2004: Michael R. Neuman

2003: Ante Santic

Reason for Nomination: For fundamental and pioneering contributions to the development and construction of EEG, EMG and ENG Instrumentation and for his leadership in creating biomedical engineering courses in Europe

2002: Willis J. Tompkins

Reason for Nomination: For a melitorious career in biomedical engineering education as exemplified by excellence in classroom teaching, promotion of design and hands-on experience in the learning process, and publication of textbooks.

2001: John G. Webster

Reason for Nomination: A career of exceptional and meritorious achievement in biomedical engineering education as exemplified by inspirational and innovative teaching and research, publication of texts, course material and writings on engineering education.

2000: Max Schaldach

1999: Fernand A. Roberge

1997: J. Lawrence Katz

1996: Max E. Valentinuzzi

1995: Floyd Dunn

1994: Wilson Greatbatch

1993: John M. Reid

1992: Edwin L. Carstensen