July/August 2018

Society News July/August 2018
Can AI Truly Transform Health Care?
As scholars have predicted and researchers have now shown, we are entering an age of global artificial intelligence (AI) convergence. Health care is just one area in which AI is gaining a foothold, as evidenced by two parallel conferences held in... Read more
Feature July/August 2018
Controlling Seizures with Technology
Mike McKenna was tired of epilepsy controlling his life. For years, he tried different medications and therapies to no avail; his seizures, which occurred every three to six days, dictated what he could do and where he could live. Then,... Read more
Feature July/August 2018
Toward Better Treatment for Women’s Reproductive Health
Although women and men share many similar health challenges throughout their lifetimes, women are not necessarily healthier. Some conditions that only women experience—such as pregnancy, ovarian cancer, or the abnormal growth of the uterus called endometriosis—can become great health risks. HIV,... Read more
Cover Story July/August 2018
The Many Textures of Robotics
Innovative researchers are employing flexible, rather than rigid materials in combination with new design approaches as part of the emerging field of biomedical soft robotics. The idea is to generate tools that conform to and interact with the human body... Read more
News and Notes July/August 2018
Call for Pediatric Cardiovascular Devices: $100K Competition Now Accepting Proposals
Children’s National Health System is now accepting proposals for its annual “Make Your Medical Device Pitch for Kids!” competition. New this year, the competition is focused on pediatric cardiovascular devices to address a significant unmet need for children. The competition... Read more
Entrepreneurs Corner July/August 2018, September/October 2018
Patient Technology for Tracking Movement Disorders
Above: Examples of 3-D-printed prototypes of the PDMonitor wearable devices. (Image courtesy of PD Neurotechnology Ltd.) PD Neurotechnology specializes in an innovative medical device, the PDMonitor, designed to assist patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). The company was founded by four diverse... Read more
Feature July/August 2018
Engineering Opportunities in Cancer Immunotherapy
More than a century ago, the American surgeon William Coley noticed a correlation between cancer remissions and postoperative infections: some patients who had battled an infection also experienced a regression of their cancer. Because of these observations, Coley hypothesized that... Read more
Feature July/August 2018
Self Driving and Self Diagnosing
Advances in automobile technology have made headlines over the last few years, and not always for good reasons. In March 2018, an Uber self-driving car ran over a pedestrian in Arizona—the latest in a handful of casualties tied to automated... Read more
Retrospectroscope July/August 2018
Music Therapy and the Planets’ Consonances
Music has been prevalent in different societies and cultures since ancient times. It is an expression of human deeds, identity, wishes, understanding of the world, the culture and norms of each society, as well as interpersonal relations within the family... Read more
Senior Design July/August 2018
Will the Real Designer Please Stand Up?
In the 1950s and 1960s, there was a popular television show called To Tell the Truth, on which three contestants claimed to be a person with an unusual occupation or distinction. Two of them were impostors, and the other was... Read more
State of the Art July/August 2018
Retirement Is Hell
Kimmie Meissner was an Olympic figure skater from my home county in the state of Maryland. Figure skating had consumed both her days and aspirations throughout most of her young life. She practiced every day, traveling after school up the... Read more
Society News July/August 2018
Spotlight on Francine Kaufman
In 2009, I left my position as a Distinguished Professor at the Keck School of Medicine and the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California to become the Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Clinical, Medical... Read more