New Tests and Devices for Early Cancer Detection
“More than 600,000 people will die from cancer in the United States this year, and almost all of them could have been saved by detecting their cancers earlier when they were more amenable to the treatments available today,”... Read more
The Fight Against Cancer: Are We Winning or Losing?
When it comes to cancer, there’s good news and there’s bad news. While the combination of new screening tests and therapies are making headway, some types of cancer are becoming more common, especially in certain age groups... Read more
The Path to and Impact of Disease Recognition with AI
The process of rare disease identification by clinical geneticists is closely associated with the ability to correlate the phenotype of a patient with the relevant genetic syndromes. In order to perform this correlation, the phenotype has to be described in a canonical form... Read more
Treating Postpartum Depression: Beyond the Baby Blues
Different from “baby blues,” a mild depression that affects the majority of new mothers in the first few weeks after giving birth, postpartum depression, a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMAD), can last for months, and even up to a year... Read more
Testing PPE: Are DIY masks a viable alternative to address shortages?
As the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, researchers from across the world are harnessing their skills and opening their labs to contribute to solutions for managing and addressing the health crisis. One area identified by... Read more

Pulse Ideas

Senior Design January/February 2020
Finding alternate resources for completing senior design projects during the current COVID-19 pandemic
At this time, many (if not all) colleges and universities are on lockdown, students have returned home, and classes have transitioned to online instruction. Students in capstone design courses around the country have no access to their school’s maker spaces and test equipment. Their... Read more
Book Reviews January/February 2020
Robotic Assistive Technologies: Principles and Practice
Edited by Pedro Encarnação and Albert M. Cook, CRC Press, 2017, ISBN: 9781498745727, xvi + 382 pages, $65.95 This book is an excellent guide for all those who want to explore the world of robotic assistive technologies, as it takes the... Read more
State of the Art January/February 2020
School Security?
“Schools rethink security training” was the headline on page 1 of the 30 December 2019 issue of The Baltimore Sun daily newspaper. The accompanying article went on to explain that Maryland school students felt unsafe at school. Students on average... Read more
Retrospectroscope January/February 2020
Numerical Clinical Cardiology
Numbers, numbers, they endessly fill out our life… weight, height and many other more hidden body attributes, too, like ­chronobiological parameters! Fat and thin woman, by Lyudmyla ­Kharlamova Out of the several specialties and subspecialties found in Clinical Medicine, there are two... Read more
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