From the Editor

From the Editor November/December 2019
On the Hippocratic Oath
Controversy surrounding the Hippocratic oath is not new. Taken by doctors around the world before starting to practice medicine, the oath, which is more than 2400 years old, establishes a number of ethical principles in medicine. Yet what appears in... Read more
From the Editor March/April 2017
Beyond Longevity: Healthy Aging as a Universal Goal
What is the difference between life span and health span? The first reflects longevity measured by the number of years lived, while the second represents the ability to enjoy a reasonably healthy condition throughout most of those years. How big... Read more
From the Editor November/December 2016
The Year in Review
As we look back over 2016 at IEEE Pulse, we can proudly say that our efforts to bring you up-to-date and informative articles that span the EMB spectrum have paid off. IEEE Pulse began the year with a comprehensive look... Read more
From the Editor May/June 2016
Vendor-Neutral Electronic Health Records
On 28 February 2016, the Journal of the American Medical Association and IEEE Pulse hosted a one-day symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada, concurrent with the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s 2016 annual meeting. The event, which was the first... Read more
From the Editor May/June 2016
Virtual Reality
Rehabilitation engineering refers to the development and application of techniques, devices, and protocols for restoring function following disability. Although in most cases the concept relates to motor functions (e.g., training after a stroke or the use of limb prosthetics), mental... Read more
From the Editor November/December 2015
Mirror Image
Throughout time, the eyes have been viewed as a portal— to the soul, to the mind, to what lies hidden. In this issue of IEEE Pulse, authors explore similar terrain by examining recent research into the eye as a means... Read more
From the Editor September/October 2015
3-D Printed Pills: A New Age for Drug Delivery
A critical and often underappreciated step in the development of a new small-molecule drug is its manufacture into a pill for oral delivery. It is critical to maintain the biochemical potency that makes the drug a desirable therapeutic while simultaneously building... Read more
From the Editor July/August 2015
The Genie Is Out of the Bottle
In my July/August 2014 editorial in IEEE Pulse [1], I opined on the very real possibility of genetic editing of human embryos with the newly discovered CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing system. My opinion was based on reported research in the Yunnan... Read more
From the Editor July/August 2015
Biomedical Research in Italy
From the Colosseum to the Roman aqueducts, Italy has historically been admired, envied, and imitated for its feats in advanced engineering. Beginning with Leonardo da Vinci’s military tanks and extending through today in such diverse arenas as high-performance automobiles and... Read more
From the Editor May/June 2015
Listening to Light and Seeing Through: Biomedical Photoacoustic Imaging
In today’s clinical practice, human vision remains the major diagnostic imaging tool that can capture the shapes and colors of tissue surfaces. Similarly, a very popular manmade device, the camera, can copy what our eyes can see and store the... Read more
From the Editor March/April 2015
Behind the Scenes at IEEE Pulse
Since taking the helm of IEEE Pulse in January 2014, I am very proud of how we have built on the solid journalistic foundation constructed by former Editor-in-Chief Mike Neuman to broaden the scope, increase the visibility, and heighten the... Read more
From the Editor January/February 2015
BME Trends Around the World
Last year, IEEE Pulse surveyed the scene in biomedical engineering to determine what new and developing trends were expected to dominate in the coming year. We accurately predicted the rise in prominence of neurotechnology, the increasing role of nanotechnology in... Read more
From the Editor November/December 2014
Where Technology and Patient Care Intersect
Where do patient satisfaction, medical advancement, and innovation meet? The answer is here—right in this issue as we focus on the patient experience and consider how best to integrate technology into that experience, rather than allowing technology to define it.... Read more
From the Editor September/October 2014
Single Cell Sequencing: The Future of Cancer Care
Imagine that you have recently been diagnosed with cancer and have discussed treatment options with your oncologist. Twenty years ago, there would only be a limited number of unattractive treatment options from which to choose, depending on tumor progression. A... Read more
From the Editor September/October 2014
Sleep Disorders: Fertile Ground for Novel Engineering Approaches
We spend roughly one-third of our lives asleep. Although the primary function of sleep remains a topic of debate among researchers, there is agreement that sleep is important for the rejuvenation of many bodily functions. The endocrine and immune systems are particularly... Read more
From the Editor July/August 2014
The Brave New World of Reproductive Health
In our January article on hot trends in biomedical engineering for 2014 [1], we predicted the CRISPR/Cas system to become a transformative and powerful tool for gene editing. The simplicity, precision, speed, and low cost by which one or more gene sequences can be selectively silenced, enhanced... Read more
From the Editor July/August 2014
Medical and Molecular Engineering
The human genome project changed everything—or did it? Although undeniably a scientific tour de force, the Genome Project’s outcome posed more questions than it answered, and molecular biology has been working assiduously ever since to answer those questions. Francis Crick’s manuscript is available in the Wellcome Library... Read more
From the Editor May/June 2014
Breaking Patterns: The Long Road to a Diabetes Solution
In 1872, German Egyptologist Georg Ebers made a surprising discovery related to the ancient practice of medicine. The discovery, found in southern Egypt, was a papyrus believed to contain the first documented reference in history to diabetes. Although Eber’s papyrus... Read more
From the Editor March/April 2014
Life as a Serial Entrepreneur
Recently, I was sitting in a local coffee shop trying to think of a topic for my editorial in this issue of IEEE Pulse, and I was having little success. I thought it ironic that I spend the majority of my day writing e-mails, proposals, and reports but couldn’t think... Read more
From the Editor January/February 2014
Colin J.H. Brenan Joins IEEE PULSE as new EIC
Beginning in January 2014, Colin Brenan succeeds Mike Neuman as editor-in-chief (EIC) of IEEE Pulse, and on his agenda are a number of editorial changes designed to increase the magazine’s accessibility and broaden its appeal to a global biomedical engineering... Read more