Entrepreneurs Corner

Entrepreneurs Corner July/August 2018, September/October 2018
Patient Technology for Tracking Movement Disorders
Above: Examples of 3-D-printed prototypes of the PDMonitor wearable devices. (Image courtesy of PD Neurotechnology Ltd.) PD Neurotechnology specializes in an innovative medical device, the PDMonitor, designed to assist patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). The company was founded by four diverse... Read more
Entrepreneurs Corner November/December 2015
Marco Donnarumma
Man-machine interfacing is one of the most interesting areas of research in biomedical engineering. The aim of such interfaces is to collect information from and present information to the human body in order to enable and streamline interactive processes involving... Read more
Entrepreneurs Corner September/October 2015
Bringing a Modular Biosignal Toolkit to Market
Ahmed Morsy, Deputy EIC of IEEE Pulse, talks with Gregory Stern of PLUX about the challenges and rewards of bringing a low-cost innovative product to market Poor signal to noise ratios, cross-talk, complex characteristics of body tissue, and signal variability are... Read more