How We Should Be Teaching Math

How We Should Be Teaching Math 150 150 IEEE Pulse
Author(s): IEEE Pulse

If you’ve ever wondered why science and math education lag in the United States, EMBS Executive Committee Member Barbara Oakley, has an idea. In part, it’s because students are never allowed a true mastery of science, technology, engineering and math subjects, otherwise known as STEM. This is the argument she makes in a Wall Street Journal editorial published September 25, 2014 entitled “How We Should Be Teaching Math.
Dr. Oakley, author of “A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math & Science when you Flunked Algebra” also appeared on the morning news in Chicago during the 36th Annual International EMBS Conference in August. She discussed techniques for children and parents to make learning easier.
Listen to Barbara Oakley on NPR’s Science Friday here.