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Feature November/December 2017
Author: IEEE Pulse

Several articles in the November 2017 print edition of IEEE PULSE were previously published online. These articles have been updated since their initial publication.
Sharing Data to Solve the Riddle of Autism
by Leslie Mertz, originally published July/August 2017
Despite ASD’s high rate of prevalence and the increased public awareness of autism in recent years, the underlying mechanisms of ASD remain unclarified.
Smartphone Apps Meet Evidence Based Medicine
by Kenneth R. Foster and David J. Callans, originally published March/April 2017
The future of medicine may (or may not be) in your smartphone.
New Forensics Approaches Looking More “CSI”-Like
by Leslie Mertz, originally published March/April 2017
Rapid DNA analysis, proteomics, and new technology increasingly impact forensics investigations.
50 Years to Gender Parity in STEM: Can We Afford to Wait?
by Hannah A. Valantine, originally published May/June 2017
A cardiologist and the NIH Chief Officer of Scientific Workforce Diversity reflects on what it will take to bring more women into biomedicine.
Women Break an Engineering Barrier
by Claudia Gutierrez, Meaghan Paulosky, Angeline Aguinaldo and Jackie Gerhart, originally published May/June 2017
While other engineering disciplines stumble, BME represents a success story in attracting American women to a male-dominated field.
Making Clothing Smarter
by David L. Chandler
Rita Paradiso of Smartex is engineering clothes that can monitor a wearer’s condition.

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