Episode 1: Is Your Medical Device Idea Worth Pursuing?

Episode 1: Is Your Medical Device Idea Worth Pursuing? 150 150 IEEE Pulse
Howard Levin: Is Your Medical Device Idea Worth Pursuing?

Howard Levin, MDHoward R. Levin, MD, started his career as an academic cardiologist and researcher and has worked extensively towards the integration of cardiac, respiratory and renal physiological principles into novel clinical treatments; initially at Johns Hopkins, then at Columbia Presbyterian, where he was Medical Director of the Mechanical Cardiac Support Program.

In 2003, with Mark Gelfand, Dr. Levin co-founded Coridea, an idea generator that translates ideas into novel therapeutic solutions for clinical practice. His inventions/co-inventions or patents have helped successfully launch 12 companies and counting. He has held a number of positions in these companies, including President, Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Medical Officer, and VP of R&D.

Dr. Levin also holds a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. He is an author of over 80 issued US patents, an additional 100 published patent applications, and 70 medical publications.

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