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IEEE EMBS International Students Conference of Egypt (ISC-Egypt 2015)

Student's Corner January/February 2016
Author: Eman Hassan

IEEE EMBS International Students Conference of Egypt (ISC-Egypt 2015)
The second IEEE EMBS International Students Conference of Egypt (ISC-Egypt’15), held 21-22 October 2015, was a scientific “by-students and for-students” gathering with a focus on biomedical and healthcare technologies. It was a continuation of the ISC 2013, the first international students conference organized by the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University in October 2013.
IEEE EMBS International Students Conference (ISC) is planned, organized, and attended by students, and students ONLY. The event is intended to give biomedical students worldwide an opportunity to communicate and interact within a scientific community that is at a similar educational level, avoiding the gap between scientific knowledge and scientific experience that would elsewhere degrade their opportunity to be part of a scientific conference. Papers are authored, reviewed, accredited, and presented by students of a generally close or almost similar scientific background, but particularly by those with different degrees at bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. levels.
ISC-Egypt 2015
ISC-Egypt’15 events included talks in various fields such as bioinformatics, DICOM standards and packs, challenges for startups, and more. The participants of ISC-Egypt’15 were able to attend workshops that extensively elucidated the IOT Technologies, Biomechanics, CAD Systems and Mobile Application. Furthermore, ISC-Egypt’15 held a projects exhibition with a poster session and a leaders’ panel where students had the opportunity to meet the most prominent leaders in the biomedical engineering scientific and business community.
This year, ISC offered three awards. The first best paper award was given to “Computer-aided Diagnosis of Cardiac Arrhythmia Using Principle Component Analysis and K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier,” presented by Amal Tarek, Zinab Elsayed, Aya Alaa, Zienab Saber, and Hagar Yehia, from Cairo University.
ISC-Egypt 2015
The second best paper was given to “Speaker Recognition Using MFCC and Vector Quantisation,” presented by Ayman Fahmy, Sherief Ahmed , Moustafa Okbelbab , Mohamed Moawad , Mohamed Zanaty, Aya Ahmed, and Ahmed Kandeel, from Cairo University.
Finally, the best project award went to the “DERMA” Project presented by Mohamed El Marakby, Ahmad Muhammad Atallah, Eslamgamalsabet, Mahmoud Khaled Deiab, and Mazen Fouad Al-ahdal, from Cairo University.
IEEE EMBS ISC intends to keep the motive and opportunity to always advance students of the biomedical society by maintaining the trend of a biannual international students conference. An even better experience awaits for ISC-Egypt’17.

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