Syncopation and Its Perceptions

Author(s)3: Max Valentinuzzi
Syncopation and Its Perceptions 150 150 IEEE Pulse
Let us begin by suggesting the reader to listen the Italian Hetty & Jazzato Band playing “Tu vo’ fa’ l’American” (“You Want to be Disguised as an American” or “You Want to Play the American”), a nice and funny Neapolitan song, sang in such difficult dialect. By the way, my maternal grandma was Neapolitan. read more

Hearing Aid History: From Ear Trumpets to Digital Technology

Author(s)3: Max Valentinuzzi
Hearing Aid History: From Ear Trumpets to Digital Technology 150 150 IEEE Pulse
It is said that time marches on, and one thing is certain: Hearing loss marches right along with it. The recorded history of hearing loss goes back hundreds of years, and attempts to correct hearing loss have been in existence since the very first person to cup a hand behind one ear. read more

Vaccines and Homeopath

Author(s)3: Max Valentinuzzi
Vaccines and Homeopath 150 150 IEEE Pulse
There are some similarities between the concepts of vaccination and that giving support to homeopathy. The objective of the present article explores the historical background of both trying to better understand such similarities, if any at all. read more

Organismic Sets: What Are They?

Author(s)3: Max Valentinuzzi
Organismic Sets: What Are They? 150 150 IEEE Pulse
The term Organismic Sets described a puzzling and difficult area of research that apparently appears nowadays forgotten, for recent publications cannot be pinpointed. The objective here intends to find out what this subject deals with, not trying to go deeper in its intrincacies, for it would exceed by far the possibilities of the article. Instead, the article only calls the attention and perhaps stimulates the young mathematically oriented researcher. read more

Tuberculosis, Cholera, Anthrax: Dreadful Culprits

Author(s)3: Max Valentinuzzi
Tuberculosis, Cholera, Anthrax: Dreadful Culprits 729 1000 IEEE Pulse
This article aims at describing the sagas painfully trodden by researchers to uncover the origins and possible therapeutical means to fight and prevent the fearful culprits mentioned in the title. Moreover, some side historical comments are also included, a few based on misconceptions and sheer ignorance of the past. Mention is made, too, of great epidemics that devastated humanity. Romantic fashionable ideas of those days are also recalled with a condescending smile. read more

Numerical Clinical Cardiology

Author(s)3: Max Valentinuzzi, Eduardo Hasbani, Luis Aguinaga
Numerical Clinical Cardiology 500 642 IEEE Pulse

Numbers, numbers, they endessly fill out our life… weight, height and many other more hidden body attributes, too, like ­chronobiological parameters! Fat and thin woman, by Lyudmyla ­Kharlamova Out of…

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Oblivion Phenomenon in Science

Author(s)3: Max Valentinuzzi
Oblivion Phenomenon in Science 150 150 IEEE Pulse

Recognition of true merits may not be a common virtue of the human being, as often achievements are either forgotten, not seen or just buried into oblivion. History of science…

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Physical Rehabilitation: A Historical Look

Author(s)3: Max Valentinuzzi, Natalia López
Physical Rehabilitation: A Historical Look 923 1355 IEEE Pulse

Medicine aims toward restoring, maintaining, and improving human health, and engineering aims toward restoring, maintaining and improving human wellness. Both disciplines apply knowledge from science and technology at large to…

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Giordano Bruno: Expander of the Copernican Universe

Author(s)3: Max Valentinuzzi
Giordano Bruno: Expander of the Copernican Universe 150 150 IEEE Pulse

How many crimes were and are committed in God’s name? Combien de crimes ont été et sont commis sur le nom de Dieu? Wie viele Verbrechen wurden und werden auf…

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