November/December 2014

Tips on Scientific Writing and Manuscript Preparation

Author(s)3: Cristian A. Linte
Tips on Scientific Writing and Manuscript Preparation 150 150 IEEE Pulse

Technical communication entails conveying information about a technology to intended audiences in different fields, including science, engineering, biotechnology, and medicine, often in the form of publications and technical papers. The…

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Synthetic Biology

Author(s)3: Elizabeth C. King
Synthetic Biology 150 150 IEEE Pulse

Edited by Gregory E. Kaebnick and Thomas H. Murray, MIT Press, 2013. ISBN: 9780262519595, 192 pages, US$21.00 (paperback). The rapid advancement of gene sequencing and synthesis technology has fostered the…

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What is an Intelligent Hospital?

Author(s)3: Paul Frisch
What is an Intelligent Hospital? 618 370 IEEE Pulse

Simply put, an intelligent hospital is one that works better and smarter. It’s better because it’s resourceful, creative, and perceptive about what patients and doctors need, and it’s smarter because…

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Tomorrow's Hospital

Author(s)3: David L. Chandler
Tomorrow's Hospital 618 370 IEEE Pulse

The year is 2024. At a small regional hospital, an automated call has just come in, triggered by a patient’s personal fitness-monitoring device, which has detected several sudden and drastic…

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Nigeria in the Spotlight

Author(s)3: Shannon Fischer
Nigeria in the Spotlight 618 370 IEEE Pulse

As immediate past permanent secretary of the Lagos State Ministry of Health in Nigeria and former chief medical director of one of the country’s top medical centers, Lagos State University…

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Saving Lives and Money with Smarter Hospitals

Author(s)3: Leslie Mertz
Saving Lives and Money with Smarter Hospitals 618 370 IEEE Pulse

Smart technology is a major topic for hospitals today, and it’s all about gathering, sharing, and using information with the lofty aspirations of improving care while also cutting costs. The…

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Solving the Interoperability Challenge

Solving the Interoperability Challenge

Author(s)3: Julian M. Goldman
Solving the Interoperability Challenge 618 370 IEEE Pulse

If you’ve been a patient or visited a loved one in the hospital, it is likely that you have experienced one or more of the following scenarios: Your child’s infusion-pump…

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My Body, My Microbiome

Author(s)3: Leslie Mertz
My Body, My Microbiome 618 370 IEEE Pulse

The human body is a microbe’s playground: interspersed among the 37 trillion cells of the human body [1] are at least ten times as many bacteria, fungi, viruses, and archaea.…

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