May/June 2014

Biosensors in Diabetes

Author(s)3: Bogdan Catargi, Jochen Lang
Biosensors in Diabetes 618 372 IEEE Pulse

The increase in diabetes is a major threat to health and economic development in the 21st century, as stated by the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals. In 2013, 380 million people…

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Diabetes and the Arab Nations

Author(s)3: Ismail Laher
Diabetes and the Arab Nations 618 372 IEEE Pulse

There is a crisis that is impacting health care in the Arab nations of the Middle East and in north and west Africa: six countries in this region are on…

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Telemedicine in Diabetes Care

Author(s)3: Viswanathan Mohan, Rajendra Pradeepa
Telemedicine in Diabetes Care 618 372 IEEE Pulse

In developing countries like India, noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes have already replaced communicable diseases as the major cause of death. According to the recent Indian Council of Medical Research’s…

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The Sugar Spectre

Author(s)3: Shannon Fischer
The Sugar Spectre 618 372 IEEE Pulse

Three hundred eighty-two million people in the world have diabetes today. Of those, roughly 343.8 million have type 2 diabetes—the variant associated with obesity and insulin resistance—3.8 million have type…

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Leveraging the Exit of Diabesity

Author(s)3: David L. Katz
Leveraging the Exit of Diabesity 618 372 IEEE Pulse

Because hyperendemic obesity and epidemic diabetes have proved intractable thus far, there is a prevailing notion that they constitute a complex problem. Depending on the magnitude and direction of forces…

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The Nature of Engineering Professions and Bioengineering

Author(s)3: Bruce Wheeler
The Nature of Engineering Professions and Bioengineering 150 150 IEEE Pulse

I begin with basic observations on the history of science that lead to the conclusion that bioengineering is about to be incredibly important to the careers and lives of our…

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One Step at a Time

Author(s)3: Leslie Mertz
One Step at a Time 618 372 IEEE Pulse

One of the biggest health problems in the world is also one of the most solvable. Yet, millions of people continue to be afflicted every year, spend time in hospitals…

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Be Brave

Author(s)3: Zen Liu
Be Brave 150 150 IEEE Pulse

In my worst moments, when I was feeling like I had made no progress in my thesis work and that my advisor had lost all faith in me, I would…

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The Fourth Author

Author(s)3: Matthew Canver
The Fourth Author 150 150 IEEE Pulse

“Publish or perish” is the old axiom that is heard in the research realm. As a graduate student, the emphasis on publications as a metric of success is often difficult…

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